Start thinking of cyclepath as a network and fill the gaps l

Start thinking of cyclepath as a network and fill the gaps l

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Have local meetings or surveys to find the small gaps and problems in the cycle networks and remove them. And by local I mean community level. Often it is a single tight bend or a set of stairs instead of a ramp, that is separating sections. But it needs the good and safe connections locally to get the kids cycling to school and the elderly to the local shops. The council seems to be too far away and too car centric to see this. What do you need to make this change? A better portal to communicate such issues to the council could be a start.


Would rather they focused on more car parks, expanding roads to reduce congestion, etc. This is a waste of money.

Because what is the point of a cycle route if it doesn't allow you to complete your journey? This connectivity (e.g. to school) is particularly important when you are encouraging children to cycle.

Need to separate cyclist and pedestrians Dual use encourages poor behaviour / discomfort for users

Badly implemented or planned cycle paths/routes force cyclists onto the road. Shared use paths are not appropriate as they increase conflict and are a sticking plaster approach to infrastructure provision. Dedicated cycle infrastructure is crucial to improving active travel aims.

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