Free Solar Panels

Free Solar Panels

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? We need to not rely on fossil fuels and move away from nuclear fuels. Get energy companies to instal adequate solar panels on every home and rent them to us (the occupier). That rent will not be exorbitant and will cover maintenance/repair. That ‘rental’ also covers our use from the grid - also powered by renewables - up to a limit then charge a reasonable fee per unit over that limit. This means moving away from gas OR installing devices that convert our waste to gas to use for cooking. What do you need to make this change? Solar panels on EVERY home - and their garages) and business. Someone else suggested covered cycle routes with panels on. Use them to power street lighting and traffic lights and just have these routes lit up too - motion activated. Ok, that’s being fancy, but saves the lights always being on! Whilst I’m at it, reduce light pollution. Let the light shine down efficiently.


I don’t seem able to respond to Keith direct/in a conversation, however, my idea came from fact that it is now legislation that all new homes have solar panels. So why not give it to old homes too? There must be a reason it’s now legislation??

good idea

I would have free heat even this far north. Highland Council seem to think that some of its area is in the Arctic. They don't seem to have heard of the Gulf Stream and that the 40 degree January isotherm connects Shetland and Southampton, running more north to south than east to west. Coast west Highland is very wet much milder than Grampian for example.

What if I dont want solar panels on my home? feels a little heavy handed

I mean, it would be a national approach to greener energy. Like, having to stay in during the Coronavirus. We all have to do our bit. But this has the bonus of saving you money as your electricity is largely provided by free solar panels and all the other benefits I suggested if you do have them and do have to use from the grid. Heavy handed? Heavier pockets!

I don’t know what this’s a point for the Government to take seriously, is the point.

free solar panels would be good if research showed they were a cost effective way to reduce emissions. i think there might be more effective ways to spend money though.

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