Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback - FOOD

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback - FOOD

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? People said they would like to eat less meat and more plants. Or if eating meat make it local, organic. A range of initiatives below were suggested to help people do this. What do you need to make this change? Schools, care home, pubs, animal feed etc plant based. Less meat, organic and local. Vertical farming tech from Iceland & Netherlands to Scotland. All year round access to fresh food from covered (pest-free) structures with multiple levels (small footprint). Stop subventions correlated to volume of production. Diversify & densify provision help young farmers with a climate -friendly project: land; grants. Facilitate the growing of food in public green places: playparks, gardens & allotments.


I think it's too simplistic. Two thirds of agricultural land in Scotland is not suitable for arable farming. Also, what's 'local'. Can you eat lamb from the Borders if you live in Thurso? GGE from livestock farming is a problem, but can be reduced through productivity improvements that reduce emission intensities; through carbon sequestration through improved pasture management; and better livestock integration in the circular bio-economy.

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