Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback WASTE

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback WASTE

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? A number of changes were suggested including: stop burning waste, no incineration, using less packaging, reduce, reuse repurpose, compostable packaging fines. What do you need to make this change? Gov. support for local councils to stop burning waste. Gov need to compel supermarkets/manufacturers to stop using packaging, only sell compostable re-usable – if at all. Mine landfill sites to get fuel for burning electricity (If can’t be reused in other ways), FINE people and businesess who don’t recycle. Close loops: food waste & green waste sold back to farmers cheaply as compost. Ban planned obsolescence Reward built in components to re-use/recycle.


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