Better recycling practices (Paisley pop up stall)

Better recycling practices (Paisley pop up stall)

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? We need improvements to recycling practices and the means to support this What do you need to make this change? • Separate waste properly- get people to be responsible for separating / using right bins • Make it compulsory to recycle and fine those who don’t recycle – 1 vote • Every house and tenement should have recycling facilities • Make it possible to report waste disposal abuse and for this to be dealt with properly • More recycling bins in public spaces – 3 mentions • Need more bins, including recycling ones


I like it but it needs more assistance and supervision and waste is an area that needs devolved from large councils to local areas. I know of flats in both Newhaven and Stockbridge where there is no facility for food recycling. It's also difficult for elderly and frail people, they need assistance with this as in Stockbridge, the opening for the general waste bin is too high for many to reach.

Really great idea, encouraging home recycling is really important!

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