Restrict parking at work (paisley pop up)

Restrict parking at work (paisley pop up)

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? We need to restrict parking spaces for people driving to work What do you need to make this change? • Only give parking at work to people who need a car as part of their job.


Great idea as at present i am made to drive 3 miles to work by my work which I can easily walk or cycle to. If they provided a pool car I wouldn't need to use my car.

No thanks, its up to employers what they provide for their employees. What about disabled people, or people not on transport routes?

Discriminates against the poor whilst wealthy will just pay for it anyway

another example of government meddling in how private businesses operate and going against what the public want

what happens to those who dont want to cycle, or who live further away? i dont need a car as part of my job as it is office based, but i need a car to get to my job

There is almost no disincentive towards driving to work. Restrict workplace parking but also ensure that public transport is available. Consider the reintroduction of works buses where necessary.

Silly idea

Unfair and unworkable restriction meant to punish people.

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