Better and cheaper public transport (Paisley pop up stall)

Better and cheaper public transport (Paisley pop up stall)

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Improvement and affordability of public transport. I want to use the train more but it needs to be cheaper. As a nurse I need to use my car to go to work. I need affordable public transport that covers/links all areas.’ What do you need to make this change? • More reliable public transport • Integrated transport scheme with core ticket for bus and train for daily trips • More late night and early am buses and trains to encourage people out of cars • Re-nationalise public transport


We need to internalise the environmental impacts of car use, including local air pollution and resulting health impacts. But it should be revenue neutral. Alot of the rural/semi-urban routes have such low use that existing public transport models are a nonsense. Buses are highly polluting. We need step changes. Zero emission buses, large ticket cost reduction and new business models for low use routes to allow improved useability (quicker routes, higher frequency). Modern shared taxi technology.

Trains especially (but buses as well) need to be cheaper to encourage people to use them instead of driving - it's currently cheaper to drive from e.g. Dundee to Glasgow, which is a ridiculous situation. Some journeys (I'm looking at you, Edinburgh tram...) really are ridiculously expensive - how can we expect people to use public transport on any scale with the current prices? Nationalisation and higher taxes would solve this.

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