Improve integration of cycling and public transport

Improve integration of cycling and public transport

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? It should be easier to combine active travel with public transport, such as taking bikes on trains. Many trains have only two cycle spaces available, and often will not let you board at all with a bike unless you have arranged this in advance. Often journeys could be completed by train with a short bike ride at each end, but the uncertainty of being able to get oneself and one's bike to the far end makes this idea not viable. What do you need to make this change? More willingness from train companies to accept bicycles.


Sandra - the answer to crowded trains is more trains ...

trains are already crowded, giving up seats for cyclists is a bad idea

Why would you not want easier combination of active travel with public transport? Cycling/public transport are greener & heathier options for the environmen & for people. To not want it implies a desire for pollution & less physical activity.

The ability to have mixed-mode journeys where trains/trams/buses can provide the longer part of a trip with cycling or walking the start and end is the most environmentally-friendly way for people to travel.

I think you need to have a look at The Netherlands first

Not only would it make cycling a viable option for every-day journeys, but also the potential for cycle-touring/holidays by bike would be increased dramatically. It would be very enabling to active-travel if buses, especially those serving rural and remote areas where there is no rail provision, had capacity to carry bikes. Currently the only realistic alternative is to transport bikes by private vehicle.

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