Improve Infrastructure for Active Travel

Improve Infrastructure for Active Travel

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? We need to invest more (more than 10% of the Transport Budget) on improving our walking, wheeling, and cycling infrastructure. If we wish to reduce our own emissions, we need to allow those who can and wish to use active means for all of/or part of their journey to do so. We can improve connections in areas, by allowing people to easily cycle to a railway station to commute, or walk/wheel to shops. It’s 20 mins average to walk 1 mile, and 20mins to cycle 3 miles. We need infrastructure to help. What do you need to make this change? Investment, Policy, Role Models and Public Information Campaign.


Banning people riding bikes on roads will not improve road safety. The deaths and serious injuries on roads are cause by people driving motor vehicles. This proposal is looking at banning the wrong user group

Walking and cycling should be encouraged to reduce emissions and improve people’s health. Provision of good infrastructure is one of the best ways to do this.

Waste of money, transport investment should go to modes people want (i.e. cars, trains, buses)

I see J G comment. It’s not a waste of money, active travel is required link for public transport to work. The public has been asked, a lot them want to be able to walk, wheel or cycle more often. So, we should be design our environment to accept this, and all folk to freely do it. If you want use something else, do so, but I bet you have walk/wheel yourself to get there!

Cycling has to be made easier and less scary, cycling on city roads can be a white-knuckle ride even for experienced and strong cyclists. Many people just don't have the inherent fitness to deal with the obstacles thrown up by city roads. Alas, as I get older they get more scary, despite doing everything I can to maintain my strength and fitness. If I feel this way as a 53 year old personal trainer, imagine how less fit folk find city roads. City roads disincentives cycling for beginners.

Having cycled for a number of years on Glasgow roads the improvements in experience and safety achieved through the development of segregated cycle paths (not lines of paint on the road) cannot be overstated. In addition the benefits to wellbeing and health associated with increased active travel of all kinds have been demonstrated.

I feel this is a good idea where it is reasonably implemented. Too many 'active travellers' inc. some on here call for outrageous things like bans on all new roads etc and punitive measures/charges on cars, which only stems harm their cause. Where sensible, and combined with investment in other things (e.g. rail improvements, road expansion, etc) then active travel can and should be invested in - so support this, so long as its not accompanied by punitive anti-car measures.

it'd be nice if active travel would actually be a realistic option because there is infrastructure in place that makes walking, cycling and wheeling pleasant and safe. the current cycling infrastructure is only for the brave. walking infrastructure is also pretty bad, in particular with a wheelchair. badly parked cars, high kerbs, long waits at traffic lights etc. are awful when pushing/using a wheelchair. places should be inclusive for all.

It’s a great opportunity to link up public transport corridors with active travel. We need a solid network within urban areas (500m grid going to 250m grid) and safe routes linking settlements. Ebikes really add to the opportunity here. Please let’s have more abilityto take bikes on buses and trains.

I've been cycle commuting for 10 years and have had many near misses and scary incidents caused by drivers. Physically segregated cycling infrastructure that's direct, and forms a network would enable many journeys by ordinary people, rather than the fast, the fit and the brave who tend to use this mode at present. Even those who didn't choose to cycle would benefit as a result of reduced congestion and better air quality. The ROI on such infrastructure is high.

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