Relax & clarify laws on low-power transport (e.g. scooters)

Relax & clarify laws on low-power transport (e.g. scooters)

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? As in the title. Make sure as many options are available as possible, and communicate changes in law to clear any confusion around them. What do you need to make this change? There is some confusion surrounding low-power transport options such as electric scooters, mopeds, non-assisted electric bikes, etc. As new technology comes available (e.g. hydrogen mopeds), we need to have clear laws that are open to these low co2 impact transport alternatives.


Very limited capacity of cycle friendly routes could be ruined by fast electric scooters etc whose riders have non of the manners of cyclists. These new devices are inferior to bicycles because people fail to get exercise on them and they have much higher embedded environmental impacts (batteries for a start). If each one is a failed conversion from cars to cycling it is a step backwards i.e. what is the counter-factual? Focus on cycling. Most people don't cycle because of fear of cars.

I think ebikes are great but I think that low power low speed lightweight wheeled devices should be fast tracked as micromobility with the minimum of fuss. And heavier, faster devices should be strictly for the roads.

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