Default 20mph speed limit in cities

Default 20mph speed limit in cities

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Reduce the national speed limit in towns and cities to 20mph. It's proven to make roads safer for people on foot and on bikes, so it will encourage more people to switch to sustainable transport. It's important that this is introduced as national limit because the current patchwork approach by individual councils is expensive, complicated and confusing. Better have a simple clear rule. What do you need to make this change? Political will from the Scottish Government


Not only does it improve safety, but it supports the cultural shift away from ‘roads are for cars’ and towards ‘roads are for travelling on’

I feel strongly actions should be evidence based and not punitive. This is neither. Public support is crucial and this will just turn the public against the cause of addressing climate change whilst making relatively no difference overall.

Because it makes our streets safer for people

Doctors from Lower the Baseline load on the NHS are calling for slower speeds to stop preventable casualties from arriving at A&E. We must protect key workers too when cycling and walking to work and everyone when exercising or returning to normal activities such as going to school, work, shop, leisure after lockdown.

prevents deaths and accidents, seems like a no brainer.

I support local decision making, so this is a decision for local authorities rather than a blanket ban.

Reduced emissions and increased safety for vulnerable road users.

Slower speeds offer three major benefits for the climate. •Less fuel is used •People feel more confident at active travel •Reduce oil dependence Emissions - The Institute for Welsh Affairs (IWA) recommend a national default 20mph limit in its Decarbonising Wales report[1]. IWA cite a 12% reduction in gear changes, 14% in braking, 12% in fuel use and transport emissions in residential areas. 20mph emissions are reduced due to less acceleration between braking in urban stop/go driving.

After lockdown there will be less use of public transport until there is a vaccine. There will be more cycling, walking and car use than before (perhaps even a car buying frenzy). This is a toxic transport mix without slower road speeds to protect the vulnerable road users. Also we will need slower speeds to reduce emissions to protect people's lungs from Covid 19 damage

Safer roads, fewer deaths, less pollution, less fuel use, more cyclists. Tons of cities around the world are already way ahead of us. Dublin in 2006. And today

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