impacts of further education

impacts of further education

It is highly likelynthat children in years 3 to 6 at secondary are gojng to be adversely impacted by this for a long time to cme. Can the government introduce some changes to the ucas points systems temporarily to allow these kids to access the courses they intended to, at colleges and university.


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By changing the UCAS point system totally invalidates the hard work which students put into exams before the pandemic. Why should S3 -new S6 students who achieve the same grades now get more or less points than as students who have achieved them before when these students haven’t done a physical exam. In my opinion lowering grade boundaries is fairer rather than awarding more UCAS points which will inevitably make it easier for students to get into uni with less work.

The UCAS points system was changed in around 2016. It would create more confusion for employers who use this for graduate and placement schemes. (I had to explain to a recruiter how having the ucas total they expected was impossible with the new system) Most Scottish unis don't actually use UCAS tariff either

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