COVID-19 and Young people

COVID-19 and Young people

The Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee is looking into the impact of COVID-19 on Scotland’s economy, including businesses and workers. Find out more about the inquiry. Click the ❓ button at the top of the page.


Guarantee apprenticeships for young people

Rights [title edited to maintain anonymity]

impacts of further education

Likely chance of job?

Equal opportunities [title edited to maintain anonymity]

Lack of support for students made unemployed

Make student accommodation cheaper due to unemployment

Inability to work through the summer.

Make student accomodation cheaper

Debt Relief for Students who were out of work during summer.


Legal Training Contracts

Law PEAT Training Gaps

limitations of new job scheme

Removed post due to non-adherence to discussion rules

Unconventional work experience for unprecedented times

losing my job to coronavirus

More volunteering opportunities for younger people

No summer work - knock on impacts

Wider range of support through PSE in school

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