Learn from economic recovery following WW1 & WW2.

Learn from economic recovery following WW1 & WW2.

The Scottish Government should look into the regeneration work and support packages used following the World Wars to inspire post-pandemic economic recovery.


We need to hear more about what these packages were.

I'm not against this as a principle, but society is so different now that I'm not sure this would easily translate to a digital, low-manufacturing, remote work, service-industry society.

The 1919 Housing Act. Standards to be reviewed if families are to spend more time at home.and in gardens. Forestry Commission established in 1919. Review land use and ownership to maximise, carbon capture, employment and safeguard wildlife. The 1943 Hydro Electric Development (Scotland) Act nationalised the development of hydro-electric power to deliver an ambitious social vision. Scotland has a huge offshore wind, wave and tidal potential that like Hydro could deliver enormous benefits.

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