Session 1 - actions for 2021

Session 1 - actions for 2021

Below you will find all of the actions you think the Scottish Government should consider in 2021. Before next Saturday please rate each of the actions you think are a top priority by clicking thumbs up 👍 and rate each of the actions you think are a low priority by clicking thumbs down 👎.


Rejuvenate town centres - reject out-of-town developments

Learn from economic recovery following WW1 & WW2.

Particular focus on young people

Council Tax Reform

Prioritise specific areas of the economy for the recovery

Investigate Universal Basic Income

Speed up the process of getting support to businesses.

Any economic development be interlinked with Green Recovery

Support for businesses impacted by a change in footfall

Investigate how employers support employees

Look into a 4 day week to aid economic recovery

Not to use a blanket approach to the tier system

Positive reinforcement of compliance

Ensure return to previous freedoms pre-pandemic

Ensure stricter compliance across the board.

Keep current restrictions & aim to get r number below

Stay with the lockdown until the r number goes below 1.

Stricter enforcement of the restrictions

Local networks to tackle loneliness

Safe social gatherings

Recognition of the grief and trauma caused by the pandemic

Encourage a healthy lifestyle through schools

Shift focus away from elite sport to communities

Science based decisions on sports facilities

Find ways to support people to carry on sport activities

Increased recognition for Social care staff

Travel rules should apply to all with no exemptions

Stricter enforcement of travel within Scotland and around UK

Testing for students

Call out to adequtely trained teaching staff

Look at how to award qualifications long term

Develop appropriate learning aproaches

Refocus the purpose of schools

Review priority groups for the vaccination

Dedicated channels for education

Compare to the first lockdown

Standardised approach to learning

Keep schools closed

Use this time to improve road and travel systems

Reverse the message of not using public transport

Use this time to focus on green recovery

Free travel

Free broadband

Be more transparent about the need for restrictions

Better communication and messaging

Use visuals in communications / briefings

Share the long-term exit strategy

Better inter-government working

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