Learning from other countries

Learning from other countries

The Scottish Governmen should: move faster to actions like (Taiwan, South Korea), have made lines clearer and galvanised to action faster; locked down our borders earlier, have stricter/enforceable quarantine rules. For example: Norway locked their borders 2 weeks into lockdown and they are managing this really well; Indonesia - concentrating on 18-50 year olds for vaccination programme.


But ... restricted powers to actually apply rules to Scotland are not devolved.

I think whilst we should learn from other countries this has to be done with a recognition that some of these countires are very different cultures and may not all be applicable to us.

Norway and Sweden are culturally closer to us than Taiwan or South Korea but have each followed very different approaches to the pandemic. Yet they have a 1600km border and are both part of the Schengen free travel area so have a very porous border. So worth considering if their open border has impacted on their respective Covid-19 approaches.

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