Session 3: Potential Recommendations

Session 3: Potential Recommendations

Below is a summary of potential strategies, levers & ideas discussed throughout the process. Your task is to score each potential recommendation based on its ability to tackle the '4 harms.' You can also add and rate new ideas for recommendations so they can be included in discussions on 6th Feb.


Focus recovery on different sectors not just retail

Work on changing attitudes to green recovery

Invest in and promote green energy

Improve public transport

Make our town centres more vibrant

No Strategy

Mitigation Strategy

How should the four harms be prioritised?

Learn lessons to ensure we are more prepared in future

Exclusion Strategy

Suppression Strategy

Increase collaboration between sectors

Elimination Strategy – no acceptable case number

Improve recognition of social care

Encourage low risk exercise

SG should increase mental health support

Encourage physical activity- preventative health care

Assess potential for accessing healthcare in new ways

SG must have clear strategy to deal with non-covid condition

Establish support lines

Use the pandemic as opportunity to develop education

Clarify and address what children have missed out on

SG should tackle barriers to learning beyond digital access

We need to carefully consider how we reopen schools

Consider the potential of Universal Basic Income

SG should learn about how businesses have diversified

Prioritise specific areas of the economy for the recovery

Consider the possibility of UBI to improve mental health

Pilot test Universal Basic Income

SG should tackle impact of shift in work practices

Borrow on low interest rate to aid recovery

Engagement with people currently on furlough

Empty office buildings - look at how we use these spaces.

If go ahead with UBI it should be targeted

The Government should help young people recover

Look at what taxes can be raised to aid recovery

Media Literacy and Fake News

How the Government can help with communications

SG use communications that encourage a collective approach

Decide on what platform to use

Politicians should help to communicate public health measure

Work with other people

Consider changing the way communications are delivered

Consider using social media for the NHS to communicate

Talk more about strategies and science

Support global vaccination effort

Ensure access to 2nd dose is not delayed....

SG should be vigilant about new strains and vaccine escape

Vaccinate most vulnerable and then those who could spread

Take steps to maximise fast vaccine roll out

Look at what other countries are doing

Better inter-government working

Oversight on lessons learnt recommendations.

Learning from other countries

The Role of Local Government

The state should pay for a vaccine passport

Consider financial barriers to the Vaccine Passport

Universal approach to Quarantine Hotels

Introduce fines if people's don't quarantine

Limit Travel

Consider fairness for all age groups re: who can travel

Clarify groups that are exempt from Vaccine Passport

Allow people to travel safely

You must always test on arrival into the country

Clear guidance on who can travel

Improve test & trace to have maximum impact when cases drop

Focus on social distancing rather than mask wearing

Keep social distancing & mask wearing in place...

Be quick to lock down when cases rise

Keep current restrictions & aim to get r number below 1

Introduce regular testing

Clarify and enforce social distancing in supermarkets

Consider social distancing in all sectors

Keep enforcing the use of masks / consider medical masks

Consider issues with regular testing

Support people who cannot afford to self isolate

Continue encouragement to work from home

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