Look into a 4 day week to aid economic recovery

Look into a 4 day week to aid economic recovery

As part of a review into the world of work post-pandemic the Scottish Government should look into the possibility of a 4 day working week to aid economic recovery and support greater work/life balance in Scotland.


Brilliant idea and could help us work towards a more equitable society, if this indeed would mean more people get a share of the work that is available. In the current time (now and pre Covid) people in jobs often work long hours and it would make sense to share work with a greater number of people.

I’ve found customer service has suffered during the pandemic. There is backlog of projects, elective surgery, non emergency work and the initiatives that we are discussing here that will all need resources and staff time. There is a risk that this proposal if applied universally could in fact delay post pandemic recovery.

This has been piloted before pre-pandemic in other countries (32 hour week) and showed no reduction in productivity and a better life for employees, would also help reduce the opportunities for spread of infection for key workers.

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