Stricter enforcement of the restrictions

Stricter enforcement of the restrictions

Scottish Government should encourage stricter enforcement of the restrictions. If the police were to enforce powers to punish lack of compliance with the restrictions, then people would be more likely to comply.


I don't think that we should be policed more, however at the borders of D & G and Scottish Borders, I do believe this is needed. In D & G so many people reported on facebook and verbally that strangers were arriving in camper vans and caravans. We went from level 2 to 1 then straight up to 2nd highest figure in Scotland! This must have impacted on us. Police should challenge more, fine or ban drivers to stop this movement.

I believe the public/police relations are better in Scotland than compared to other democracies. This could be jeopardised if police are seen to be heavy handed. Here in Aberdeen the police had to reassure that they were not stopping cars as posted on Facebook. Better to rely on a clear message and social pressure to comply.

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