Better inter-government working

Better inter-government working

The Scottish Government should work to ensure that the Scottish, UK, Northern Ireland and Welsh government should be working better together. For example Westminster (Reserved) issue stopping international travel. Also the Scottish Government should press the UK to listen to science rather than politicians.


Potential for delays while agreements are sought when immediate action is necessary. Danger of agreeing the lowest common denominator that does not fully address Scottish needs. (Where appropriate better inter-government working should include the EU, and the Irish Republic in particular)

Waiting for Westminster to take action regarding the banning of international travel has resulted in far too many people carrying the virus entering our country, for far too long. I appreciate that this is an action that would require a change in the law and governance of GB however in times of crisis, there should be an ability to protect the parts of GB where individual laws and rights are held, to the extent that Scotland, Wales, Ireland are empowered to protect their citizens.

Rules on International travel still flaky. Unfortunately people are not complying with quarantine - Westminster seem slow to act - are reactive rather proactive even now a year on.

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