Dedicated channels for education

Dedicated channels for education

The Scottish Government should look into designated programming to help school students of all ages throughout the day on television.


As well as television programmes, suggest these could be replicated online so that all levels within a class, are able to undertake at their own pace, and /or with support.

I agree and the views of teachers should first be sought in order to achieve this. Are these programmes to support and complement what teachers are already doing on line? Do teachers really see the need for this? Will some teachers require training to incorporate video into the teaching platforms that they are currently using? Alternatively, should these programmes be primarily to support parents in their home teaching efforts?

I think this is a very good idea, however to design lessons to suit even the majority of students who since September have been following their own schools curriculum is an impossible task. Better than nothing, but only a little

I've watched some of the bite size programmes on BBC - really good but I'm not a teacher.

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