The impact on jobs due to shift in work practices

The impact on jobs due to shift in work practices

How do we reskill? Do we shift jobs to other parts of the country? what do we do with empty offices? Businesses are having to change their operating model fast: A lot of businesses have been forced online. Will some of these changes shift where jobs exist? Some jobs will be lost in an area but more could exist in another? Absolutely. There will be rise in other skills that businesses will need in future. This links to a skill gap we saw pre covid. 88% of people will need to reskill by 2030. The Level of flexibility and agility shown by businesses and employees will need to harness that and support businesses to do that. Investment. Knowledge and Skills. Upskilling. Can the businesses in more rural areas be supported? This will lead to de-urbanisation. This will cause a digital divide so how can communities connect better? Plans need to be made for empty office spaces and how we can make them availiable.


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