Session 2 - Prioritising discussion points

Session 2 - Prioritising discussion points

Below is summary of the discussion points from Session 2. Your task this week is to prioritise these points. Vote Up points you think will help us answer the question by clicking thumbs up 👍.Vote Down points you think are not as useful to help us answer the question by clicking thumbs down 👎.


Will test and trace be an important tool going forward?

Why is the virus affecting men twice as much as women?

Why is the virus not affecting children as much?

How do the virus variants evolve? Can this be stopped?

Is there any chance that Covid-19 will burn itself out?


Does Scotland really have the lowest virus levels in the UK?

Are there any other variants we should be worried about?

Is this a once in 100 year event or should we expect more?

How did China get rid of the virus?

Slow lifting of restrictions will cause fatigue

Should we publicise the risk of infection via eyes more?

Has this impacted on life expectancy in the developed world?

Which one of the "four harms" should be prioritised?

Are you worried about long term side effects of the vaccine?

Should we be restricting international travel like Australia

Should the second stage of the vaccine be delivered quicker?

Have all excess deaths been due to COVID?

How do you know the certificate of negative test is true?

Should priority groups be targeted for the vaccine?

Why is the new variant more transmissible?

Is a 9 month surveillance for a covid vaccine too hasty?

Is Vaccination provision slow due to manufactuing or Brexit

What if supplies become an issue?

Should we review the 12 week gap between 1st and 2nd dose?

Should those vaccinated be treated differently?

Should we prioritise people who have no immunity?

What factors are involved a in fast roll out?

What do you think re 12 weeks between vaccinations?

Should people get test before getting the vaccination?

Why is there no blanket ban of group sports?

Why children will not be vaccinated?

Could the 2 doses be from different manufacturers?

Will we have to keep up with safety measures like masks?

Is there evidence of vaccine escape?

Can cancer patients have vaccine included in care package?

Have you taken into account the 'fear factor'?

Is there a level of individual responsibility?

This lockdown does not seem to be adhered to as strictly

-Is there a moral imperative on the UK

The wider public was prepared to make restrictions

Conspiracy theories – How do we engage with this mindset?

Learning from how businesses have diversified

The impact on jobs due to shift in work practices

The impact of the pandemic and Brexit combined

Support to businesses not getting to them quickly

Mental health support

Balance of harms- take into account business and society

Encourage physical activity- preventative health care

Assess potential for accessing healthcare in new ways

Consider impact on health care for non-Covid conditions

Set minimum standard for home education

Digital devices is not the only barrier to engagement

Don't just transfer classroom lessons on to a screen.

Clarify and address what children have missed out on

Focus is needed to ensure all are supported effectively

The importance of education as a route out of poverty

Redistribute wealth

Introduce universal basic income for the long run

Reducing rent costs and and increasing social housing

Real living wage should be a condition of public sector

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