Should priority groups be targeted for the vaccine?

Should priority groups be targeted for the vaccine?

Raj Bhopal: People like myself do come up or not me, my colleagues have come up with algorithms to say we count up your risk factors and the people with the highest risk will get vaccination. The difference between people over 80 and people under 80 is so great, that that decision to vaccinate people over 80 is an easy one and I think is the right one until we have plenty of vaccine. When we have plenty of vaccine, we will have to ask who should be next. It seems that the people who are most likely to acquire the infection and to pass it on to other people should be next and that includes people like taxi drivers, waiters, people at supermarkets. It’s not just health care workers, they are at very high risk, but people from ethnic minority groups, especially those living in multi generation households or in crowded households, they are at very high risk. It’s very complicated to work out the priorities for the next stage, but definitely some ethnic minority groups should definitely be considered as a higher priority, but people are developing methods for assessing individuals and groups priority.


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