No Strategy

No Strategy

Having No Strategy which would lead to– uncontrolled pandemic, high deaths, which would still lead to an economic impact. Lead to survival of the fittest. Back to basic level of survival.


Difficult to turn around if things collapse as a result of strategy

Need to think about general pandemic planning e.g. what happens if we have a disease that we can’t find a vaccine for?

Nature's way of eliminating large part of population -

Damages trust in government and in communities

Potential rioting or protest against level of deaths

No way back from this strategy. It would be a DISASTER

Terrible to see report from countries where oxygen supplies aren’t sufficient for needs and people can’t receive the treatment they need

It would be a disaster. The death rate would go sky high and would be never ending. This has already been seen in Brazil. 75% of the population have been infected by the virus at some point and in some cases people have been infected again. There has been a breakdown in their health service too. This could be used as an example of what could happen if we have no exit strategy.

It would be difficult t to change this "strategy" once society started breaking down

Constant cycle of new strains and deaths - no herd immunity

Division between rich and poor, healthy and unhealthy, old and young. There would be No social coherence - people would tend to avoiding people

NHS would be left with hard decisions about who to treat. NHS could collapse. Economy would collapse.

The more we do nothing, the more variants and severe versions develop, therefore more hospital admissions and more transmission

The economy would collapse, the health service would be unable to cope, huge numbers would die, of COVID and other things, and we'd become an international pariah

Only positive identified is that it would have a short term positive impact on the economy.

Still had economic impact because of deaths and behaviour changes. - Britain small island with dense population – need imports. Irresponsible to take no strategy approach when need to be connected to rest of world.

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