Suppression Strategy

Suppression Strategy

The Suppression Strategy involves some level of acceptable case numbers and is the closest strategy to the one currently being followed in Scotland. Action is increased in stepwise and targeted manner to suppress case numbers and outbreaks. Try to use testing primarily rather than lockdown to manage. Difficult to have acceptable level as with other conditions e.g. flu because of infectiousness. Even low level can suddenly ‘boil over’


Compliance fatigue would set in.

Need to combat compliance fatigue with clear messaging

This is not a long term strategy

This is an easier strategy to implement and it allows us to open up more!

Allows for businesses to open sooner.

Suppression might be necessary for public buy in because other strategies more difficult

Only a temporary solution.

We could not follow this forever. We'd be like sitting ducks.

People would never feel safe. Would just be waiting for next strain. Suppression antagonises people because frequent changes to what is allowed. Very short-term focused. Suppression could allow a new mutation to develop. Even as an island we struggle to contain it as people travel around, e.g. holidays to from England Quite hard to suppress with a lot of land borders

Needs strategy would need to have an end in sight something to end it - could work along with vaccination

Its a hard strategy to communicate effectively. Hard message to be clear on.

We would need safe travel corridors for this to work.

People would need to see evidence behind rules imposed. It needs to be published. Providing clear information is key.

For this to work we would need similar rules across the UK

Suppressing the virus at the outset would have helped to buy some time to get the vaccine

It's difficult to put a number on this: how many cases are we ok with, and therefore how many deaths? I don't think I'm comfortable with us giving up in this way. Also it might lead to mutations and vaccine escape, so it's a never-ending cycle of lockdowns while we get boosters that tackle the next mutation (if they do).

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