Elimination Strategy – no acceptable case number

Elimination Strategy – no acceptable case number

Involves maximum action to exclude the disease and eliminate chains of transmission. - This has been used in China, New Zealand, Australia. Can be done but means closing to travel and requiring 14 day quarantine for example. Success depends on 80-90% vaccination rates.


We will actually focus on ourselves, re-investing in our own own country, economy, hospitality and tourism, holidays in Scotland

Limits to personal freedoms - too much power to governments?

We would need travel passports even within our own communities within Scotland. Not to accept guests that have not had immunisation

No foreign travel for everyone. Would people find that acceptable?

This strategy needs to be clearly communicated and then there would be pressure for people to take up the vaccine. Social pressure.

Making a personal sacrifice for the good of the group. Stay local during the summer.

Quite a long process to get to this. We need an effective test, trace and isolate which we do not have at the moment.

It will be more acceptable if we can travel freely within the country

Nature and virus is outwith our control - very transmissible - chances of elimination is quite low

This strategy could be put in place it just needs to be stepped up, vaccines too slow. 12 weeks is a long time between vaccines., Ae are going to have to repeat the process?

We need to be able to see the bigger picture and what is next. What happened to the tiers? Where are we going ?

Do people understand how the virus transmits well enough? They need to know this before this can be attempted

If everyone were to vaccinated this strategy would work, and would also allow us to bring in travel passports. Will give everyone more freedoms to use cafes and restaurants. This would allow us to focus on ourselves. Similar to oxygen masks on an aeroplane, sort yourself out before assisting others. Develop some sense of normality locally and nationally which will then lead to international travel.

Most appealing endgame. Most freedom, minimise the four harms. Almost return to new normal.

Would need to be done at a UK level - we can't close our airports and ports - devolved powers

Agree with Jo. One of the fundamentals to doing this successfully is public buy-in. We need to be clear from the outset about the strategy, and what that will mean in the short, medium, and long-term.

I think this has been the strategy most cited by the experts we heard from: close the borders as much as we can to prevent virus mutation/escape until vaccination is complete here, and then we look to help in other countries, which then frees us up to travel again further down the line. Many people will struggle with it though, but I think the positives of a free/r life within out borders will help people live day-to-day, and be able to put aside the longer/bigger goal of overseas travel.

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