Exclusion Strategy

Exclusion Strategy

Exclusion strategy involves maximum action to exclude the coronavirus in the hope to avoid any cases at all. This would involve shutting borders before first case.


Significant economic impact

How long would people be willing to accept this approach?

Think about air travel going forward and whether there should be a limit?

Has exclusion worked anywhere?

We're past the point of this - Maybe for future pandemics

Mini exclusions within countries?

This would allow us to lift restrictions if we did manage to exclude the virus

Excluding the virus won’t be a short-term fix. Due to the levels of infections now it would take a long time to exclude the virus. The virus will still then continue to exist and there are also no powers for Scotland to close the borders.

Can cope much better now than in March, closing boarders to stop case 1 gives a country breathing space to build capacity and treatments to be developed.

Too late for this strategy now. Might still be time to stop import of new variants if inward travel stopped.

We’re too far into the virus to consider this. It will also continue to affect the economy and society in general.

We don't have control over the borders/ International Travel, difficult strategy for Scotland to pursue

Infringement on civil liberties - although a case of to what level (we have to decide what is acceptable)

We are so dependent on receiving food supplies. world trade supplies, not our economic model to be sufficient

Would give time for people waiting from treatment not related to covid to be looked after

Using this strategy would help to keep any new variants or strains out of the country and will stop those strains form getting out to other countries too.

Cheaper to do this. Gov can focus support to specific industry that still suffers (e.g. travel, tourism). win win for everyone. Cheaper than keeping the whole country on life support

It is all about compromise. If you can travel you need to self isolate

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