Support global vaccination effort

Support global vaccination effort

Although we want to ensure everyone is vaccinated domestically, no one is safe until everyone in the world is safe. We can domestically reduce the virus but not in the long term, as another strain could appear from another country with lower vaccination rates which could scupper all of our vaccination work. Should SG donate doses to international community or encourage a global vaccination response?


Without knowing the first thing about how this works, I'd imagine that the best way to get maximum impact for our spending would be to donate directly to the WHO. Worth also considering whether we have a special obligation to countries we have links with - e.g. developing Commonwealth nations.

There has to be an organisation who has knowledge of where each country is in terms of vaccination levels and completion. As Malcolm offers, this may be WHO, however third world countries may not have the finances to support any programme. World travel can't be fully open until all vulnerable and non-vulnerable citizens are protected. This should be a world-wide approach to helping achieve this outcome by finding or sharing vaccines via WHO.

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