Take steps to maximise fast vaccine roll out

Take steps to maximise fast vaccine roll out

What recommendations should we make around ensuring a fast vaccine rollout: 24 hour vaccination? Invest in 1 dose Vaccine due in April? Communicate that the 1st dose will give high levels of protection after 3 weeks and that 2nd dose provides a few extra % points of protection?


It isn't only the way out of the pandemic, but fast roll-out is the only way for the government to get back the trust of the people, which they had gained by their handling of things in the earlier stages. Trust = compliance with what's being asked of us as individuals.

Would like to see evidence for using 2 different types of vaccine. Things are moving so fast with this and not sure public getting valid info as this has not had time to be tested. Would like fast vaccination but not at cost of false economy of using different caccines that may impact on outcome.

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