Improve test & trace to have maximum impact when cases drop

Improve test & trace to have maximum impact when cases drop

hen the numbers are very small, and you have a number of resources that you can throw it at, you can control things. But, by the time, we started to work on these ideas, we already had millions of cases. So, if you have millions of cases and they have ten contacts, that’s ten million people, how do you track and trace when you’ve got probably hundreds or thousands. It’s too much, it’s overwhelming. Test Track and trace systems were already overwhelmed in March and we had to rebuild them. Currently test, track and trace systems can’t really work because of the number of cases we are dealing with 40,000 known cases, but, in reality, it’s probably about 60,000 cases a day, because many people will not be diagnosed. It can’t’ work. Once things start coming back under control, we can have another go with the test, track and trace system.


I think this is absolutely key. People are already talking about starting to raise restrictions, but without this infrastructure in place I think we'll end up caught in the cycle of lockdowns indefinitely.

People don't always add in their code to the track and trace app after a positive result, so this makes the system fall down.

Covid seems unlikely to be eliminated on a worldwide scale within the foreseeable future, therefore when our population is vaccinated to keep our borders Covid free Test & Trace will be vital - but lets do it professionally rather than the 'chumocracy' approach of the UK Govt to date which has been an abysmal failure.

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