Consider the potential of Universal Basic Income

Consider the potential of Universal Basic Income

Levers for Tackling Inequality exacerbated by the pandemic UBI could give people with jobs at risk some peace of mind. 4 harms, poverty, inequality big reasons for mental health concerns. Pandemic has exacerbated that. UBI could tackle all of these - no means testing. All the debates regarding furlough, if we had UBI, this would have really helped with this. UBI creates space to address other underlying needs not just financial insecurity as just now. MS -Young people making the biggest sacrifice during pandemic - UBI make them feel valued and do meaningful work. And older people. Uk productivity lies way below other countries. UBI - Guaranteed Income, you get it at a certain point and keep getting it. It gives people an income regardless of their situation, free to do start their own business, people pursuing artistic endeavours, whilst working. UBI needs to be rolled out along with other progressive measures. UBI would help reduce isolation by helping people do what they want, connect with others. e.g. people who need support.


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