If go ahead with UBI it should be targeted

If go ahead with UBI it should be targeted

Levers for Tackling Inequality exacerbated by the pandemic There are difficulties with UBI and the universal nature of it. Shouldn't we target resources to where it is most needed? Would there be an opt out option? Why not target UBI at a specific group? Supports everyone to transition into new roles. Supports the economy. Need to consider if it's good value for money? Benefits health etc. Dangers of high levels of variations of outcomes/, wide variation of opportunity to be able to access this offer. Ontario - change of government then the quashed the trial and it was devastating for the people involved in the trial.


Surely if we're targeting UBI at certain groups, then it isn't truly universal? Sounds like this idea is more about furlough / jobseeker's allowance.

UBI isn't universal if it's targeted.

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