Use the pandemic as opportunity to develop education

Use the pandemic as opportunity to develop education

Levers for Tackling Inequality exacerbated by the pandemic Central investment - Scottish Universities to take advantage of this situation, learn from this, get serious about online education. Why are we still assessing the way we were in the 1880s? More blended models of employment/learning. Learn from the past e.g. healthcare post war. Black death creating jobs as so many people died. Need to learn from these situations. Professional learning to support this new context - opportunity to develop new practice. Example of doing it differently since Covid - local authorities, pupil equity fund monitoring. The way hub schools in Dundee have operated. Different services working together. Teachers and social workers working together. Basing it all on exams instead of what else they can do in the real world, focus on how we develop their career prospects throughout their lives, as well as at the beginning. Education is going to be a key driver.


I am not against a general move to more on line learning, however this should be treated as a different exercise...unrelated to the covid infections. A move to on line learning will, in my opinion adversely affect the least able and only serve to increase the attainment gag between pupils.

Academic learning is not for everyone and some students learn more by practical experience.

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