Consider the possibility of UBI to improve mental health

Consider the possibility of UBI to  improve mental health

Consider the impact UBI could have on our health, financial security. Provides us with more security. What evidence from countries on effectiveness of UBI? - Most trials fairly recent and focus on economic aspect - there are other benefits - Finland trial = positive mental health benefits Reducing pressure on mental health services reduces the "harms" of societal impact as well as the economic side - if we have to spend less on support in that area.


I think there's a growing case for UBI, but I don't think it's something to rush into. I think I'd prefer to see an overhaul with how our existing benefits / furlough scheme works before moving to this.

This feels like a moment in society where we should go big or go home: we know that poverty in childhood impacts so many other things: educational attainment, health throughout the whole of life, life expectancy, mental health, chronic illness, etc. This might be the single biggest thing we could do to change the rate of child poverty, which is increasing at an alarming rate, as we heard from some of our experts. It would also benefit families with young children and those in the cultural sector

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