Be quick to lock down when cases rise

Be quick to lock down when cases rise

Levers for Public Health Restrictions Increase in cases should lead to earlier and shorter lockdowns, less damaging than three month lockdown. Previously gone late into lockdown- more deaths and longer lockdown. Early circuit breaks. We know on a weekly basis on when to act, but we tend to wait until it is very high levels before we act. When R number goes above R we should act. Main message for politicians would be "Act Early" so we don't have to act for as long. We seem to be letting cases rise slowly during restrictions until we end up needing a harsh lockdown. Christmas- these were times to try and keep cases lower, damaged the economy.


Totally agree with this point, as stated during Session 3 - Act Early & Hard re introducing either National or local lockdowns if & when needed - & this point should certainly be one that is a 'lesson learnt' for any future pandemics. This approach needs to be linked to an effective 'Test, Trace & Isolate' service.

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