Consider using social media for the NHS to communicate

Consider using social media for the NHS to communicate

Levers for tackling public health communications exacerbated by the pandemic A lot of young people don't watch TV anymore. Need to look at other platforms. Got to adapt the different types of communication. The older generation use the tv, whereas the younger generations use a lot more social media. There should also be responsibility from social media companies. Social media channels communications can help to develop insight into people's preferences for engagement. It need to be kept in mind if this relates to everyone - if you don't use social media, there needs to be other methods for example newspapers and journalism. Need to ask the question have effectiveness of communication methods changed over time? Lots of media outlets were set up and have remained largely unused and the need to have credibility. A lot of doctors have used TikTok as a way to convey messages and is often them v Matt Hancock.


Young people can easily disengage so important NHS communicate on social media. They are the people dealing with the actual impact on people and can offer a more direct message to youngsters.

It's not that I don't think we should consider it, it's that I think it's already happening in lots of ways, and I don't think it's one of the big missed opportunities we should put our energy in to right now

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