Introduce regular testing

Introduce regular testing

Levers for Public Health Restrictions Would need to sort out our support for people self-isolating - +1 Getting tested regularly could help reduce risk of transmission, especially for people who cannot work at home. Regular testing would be good- some people get no or only minor symptoms but can still pass on. Lateral flow testing could remove 50/60% cases from workplace. Could speed up R below 1, in partnership with vaccination. Self testing, cheap. 60% identification of infection. Focus on people who have to work - nos depends on stage of lockdown. Estonia - mandatory test to come to work. Combine with financial support when not working. Different types of tests - simple lateral flow, moderate portable, 20+ in lab but not "near person". Need to capture asymptomatic cases at high level. Twice a week in workplace? Regular testing in other settings than nursing homes would be good, e.g. work places. People can test themselves at home. Testing centres around travel hubs.


This should be happening everywhere: offices, building sites, supermarkets in schools. The government says we have 60k daily capacity for testing but we don't use it - why not? If it would remove asymptomatic people from workplaces then it seems like the right thing to do. Would have to go hand-in-hand with financial support though.

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