Allow people to travel safely

Allow people to travel safely

Levers related to travel Airlines are investing in the digital vaccine passports. They want to get their businesses up and running Travel Corridors difficult to manage. Aim to make safe travel, but only with other measures in place. Last summer caused second lockdown, robust test and protect. Travel Corridors - very challenging for companies, such as airlines, so flexible in the summer, holiday companies had to respond to the demand and then this had to change again when the cases went back up. Difficult to manage when it changes so quickly and so uncertain for travellers. Need to limit to countries with consistently low levels. Vaccine doesn't stop transmission so how effective would vaccine passport be - benefits would be that you are managing to keep aspects of the economy moving.


We are not alone in this pandemic. We are all relient on other countries both adhering to scientific advice, and being able to vaccinate appropriately.

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