Consider issues with regular testing

Consider issues with regular testing

Levers for Public Health Restrictions Mass/regular testing can happen. Not sure if everyone would be able to do the test properly themselves? Any particular sectors mass testing would be targeted at? Any public facing profession - shops, public transport etc. If people get tested and they need to isolate, there is an issue with incentive of regular testing for people who are self employed. Needs support around this. If you mass test and you get a negative result, might result in people ignoring the other measures such as distancing, mask wearing etc.? Government investment on asymptomatic testing, you would you be asking a lot of people to stay at home- this would include a greater cost. How long in lockdown with testing to reach elimination? Not sure this is possible. Keep levels at a low level until enough of population is vaccinated. Medium term plan (restrictions/testing). Testing and financial approaches need to go hand in hand.


You could be tested one day and be infected the following day - is this financially viable

There should be a different approach depending on the reason for the test. Is the test is required because of potential infection or returning from abroad, then isolation should be mandatory. However is the test is carried out as part of a block requirement eg teachers/postmen/health worker then isolation should not be mandatory. Obviously this would change in the event of a positive result

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