Limit Travel

Limit Travel

Levers related to travel Hard to control land borders. Easier for us as an island Is it not easier to limit travel altogether rather than travel corridors? Travel corridors have been stopped completely for now. Limit all travel, Shouldn't be 33 countries on a list. Would enable infection levels to come down and then put in place, vaccine passports, travel corridors. We need international travellers, Stop start does not work for tourism businesses. Cut out of the opportunity to travel Why not making it a blanket rule? Not go incrementally.


Hard to control as there are many means of travel

Having any travel corridors goes against a consistent message of keeping everything tightly controlled. Everyone knows where they stand. In extreme circumstances e.g. compassionate grounds, travel could be controlled by testing etc and that in ghe short and medium term would be more easily monitored.

Many countries have used this model successfully, and we are in a position to do so as an island. We are in danger of letting ourselves off the hook by saying Heathrow is a hub: yes it is, but we can still allow the flow of goods without admitting tourists by the plane load.

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