Consider changing the way communications are delivered

Consider changing the way communications are delivered

Levers for tackling public health communications exacerbated by the pandemic. Communications could do with a bit more humour, get message across with less doom and gloom, think about how young people would want to hear news. It is important to balance positive as well as negative messages - positive role modelling Should we train the government on communication methods so they are more in touch with what is needed? Would be helpful to have someone 'who looks like' a young person communicating with young people for them to listen and take in information. The government should understand the audience on the different platforms so they can target their communications. Government should evaluate their audience - understand access to data and platforms - understand how many devices people have etc


Completely agree with having young people deliver communications to their peers. Not sure of how humour could be injected when so many have died. Think this would come across as disrespectful to many families but useful to investigate style of feedback. Perhaps not start with statistics but lead into this a little further along after updates on say, numbers vaccinated, feedback on scientific research on for example whether 2 types of vaccine is actually going to work.

The daily briefings are beginning to feel like an obligation that can't easily be stepped down from at this late stage, but I think the daily focus on the short-term bad news fuels anxiety now. We need some big-picture stuff in there too - where we're headed, what the latest strategy is, what might summer look like, etc.

When there has been positive news to communicate - the Vaccine for example - this has been done, positively & enthusiastically. Young people don't tend to be either leading politicians or leading experts in their scientific fields. However using 'social influencers' (- really dislike that term -) to promote health messages can be useful.

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