Politicians should help to communicate public health measure

Politicians should help to communicate public health measure

Levers for tackling public health communications exacerbated by the pandemic. Politicians behaviour in the press isn't helpful. Not everything is a photo opportunity. They should work with influencers and popular figures who can get a message across. There should be openness from the politicians/is it clear how the Govt is communicating their strategy. Are politicians/government communicating enough/well with the public?


I wonder if there's something worth exploring here about trying to take the politics out of the covid response. East to say - hard to do, particularly in the run-up to an election. How about something like suggesting the leaders of other parties are brought on board with certain messages / decisions?

Not sure of working with influencers but central government politicians need to be re-trained /trained professionally to come across as honest messengers of impartial advice based on evidence. All too often public left with feeling of being dictated to, rather than a sharing of key information. Influencers and politicians tend to be self obsessed. Think we are comparatively lucky in Scotland with regular and informed messages.

Given that the Scots Govt response is already a cross-Party Committee I feel that this point is superfluous - asking politicians not to look for photo opps, political points scoring opps is a bit unrealistic.

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