You must always test on arrival into the country

You must always test on arrival into the country

Levers related to travel Tested whilst in isolation, tested after 5 days. You need to have a negative test 72 hours before you travel. Travellers are coming in, port of entry, to hotels for 10 days, testing is part of this. Used in NZ and Australia, great success, limits of number of people coming in. Managed isolation process. Goes beyond individuals, companies, enabling people to say no (employment wise) If vaccinated why also need to be tested? Potentially can still get infected and transmit - new variants from other countries.


Although scope of Scotland's input to travel/borders issues is limited, pressure should have been applied to UK gov to implement some policies. Actions like this need to be taken proactively, not retroactively.

Feel this should have been introduced way back. Think for now and immediate future, this should be done. Reliant on scientific research to say how long vaccine effects last linked to how long testing needs to be implemented.

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