Consider financial barriers to the Vaccine Passport

Consider financial barriers to the Vaccine Passport

Levers related to travel People being treated differently. You have to pay for the testing, own a smart phone, what if the country you are coming from does not have a good vaccination programme? downsides - you need a smart phone, young people not getting vaccine. Need to share personal data What if you are younger and you have not been able to have a vaccine yet? Pitfalls with this process, wealthy people who can afford this. If you fly with Quantas, you need to show evidence of two vaccines.


Already in the news we hear of criminals selling fake vaccine passports. Criminality will always seek to gain in new ways. Holiday travel is down to personal choice and ability to financially travel. Not sure government should look to intervene in financial barriers.

I feel that Vaccine Passports for Travel and access to a number of services and opportunities can be a vital tool, (not least in achieving a high level of population vaccination), and that the financial barriers listed above are insufficient as a counter argument.

is this a vaccine passport or a test neg passport? If it is a vaccine passport then unless all those who have had a vaccination already and those about to have been documented there is no proof they have had a vaccination. If they have been documented then the government should issue vac passes accordingly. For travel it may be easier to apply test and proof of covid free infection but again if this comes down to the public to pay for such then only those who can afford to will travel.

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