How the Government can help with communications

How the Government can help with communications

Levers for tackling public health communications exacerbated by the pandemic. Setting an example, leadership capacity, lead by example, trust the credibility. Government just talking to the public, in comparison to a Government having a scientist to talk to the public. This is important. There have been a lot of different messages - You can compare countries as to how willing the government are to let scientists take centre stage. How much is it censored? Are political agendas coming through? Always assume it is a multi faceted process. Advice to always rely on a multitude of resources/information out there. Messaging such as "do the least the rules allow not the most you can get away with" is a strong one and has been different in UK to other countries. Differences between UK Government and Scottish Government. Nicola Sturgeon has been as open and transparent as she can be. UK Government - Dominic Cummings incident/not adhering to the restrictions.


Government have access to all manner of communication and the experts to utilise it

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