Increase collaboration between sectors

Increase collaboration between sectors

More collaboration between sectors ie. third sector/bureaucracy circumnavigated. Opportunity to do things differently. Strengthening relationships.


Not a strong enough argument for this at this particular time

As with others here I feel that this recommendation lacks substance & is not specific enough

More collaboration means more understanding

this sounds like a good idea in theory, but I'm not sure there is any detail behind the high-level concept here. What is it that's being proposed here?

Decreasing bureaucracy in many respects would be advantageous but not sure how this would play out just now. Is society at a point of readiness to collaborate as "left out sectors" struggle to be heard?

Agree with Malcolm, this seems like quite a vague recommendation to make. It's not clear what exactly the endpoints or levers are.

I was involved in Communities that Care, a long term harm reduction strategy for young people in Leith funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. This was a collaboration of all sectors including myself representing one of the Community Councils. There have been long term benefits resulting from this collaboration. A key element was a paid co-ordinator to oversee the collaborative work. She was Dr Mary Mitchell, now a lecturer in Social Work at Edinburgh University. Her input would be useful

Being involved in Charities, I am aware that we are often chasing the same pot of money, resulting in duplication of effort. A collaborative approach can be more successful with funders. As mentioned below it does need a paid profession to co-ordinate this.

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