Oversight on lessons learnt recommendations.

Oversight on lessons learnt recommendations.

It is absolutely essential that any recommendations from governmental reports on lessons learnt from the response to the pandemic be shared with the public and an oversight committee established independent of government to oversee implementation of any actions needed to be taken. This should include members of the public as well as scientific, industrial and economic expertise . Also during this implementation progress information should be publicly shared periodically to ensure that the general population knows that any future outbreaks will be mitigated by any plan we have made and acted upon. Any political input should be kept to a minimum and if needed be cross party assistance.


It is important to discuss and share as a shared platform for lessons learned and discussed are important for implementation for future generations

I feel that with the relatively high likliehood of future pandemics lessons learned from the current crisis are vital - especially so as future pandemics may not be so easily combated through a quickly developed vaccine

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