Look into the impact of COVID-19 on schools and universities

Look into the impact of COVID-19 on schools and universities

2020 was a turbulent year for Scotland’s colleges and universities. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown put the brakes on in-person teaching, caused significant issues for the delivery of assessment, and meant the Class of 2020 had a very different graduation to students in previous years. See our other chapters on the pandemic for wider information, for example on the road to recovery and the labour market. There were also question marks around university income as a collapse in the number of international students was predicted. Sustainability of funding is not a new issue, but it has certainly been exacerbated by the pandemic. Early projections of operating deficits between £384 - £500 million for academic year 2020-21 were later updated to deficits of £176.1 million. In the year since the pandemic began, both sectors have adapted and found new ways for students to learn. Read more: https://digitalpublications.parliament.scot/ResearchBriefings/Report/2021/5/12/df69604c


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