Explore the future of Scotland's towns & cities post COVID

Explore the future of Scotland's towns & cities post COVID

“First we shape the cities – then they shape us.” Jan Gehl, architect. Town and city centres are the heart of Scotland’s economy, hubs of business, retail, culture, education, and leisure. They are the focus of our rail, bus, and road networks. These concentrations of people, industry, and learning are breeding grounds for new ideas and innovation. Just as importantly, many people also call them home. Despite the obvious importance of such centres, the decline in “the high street” and what to do about it has long been a focus of academic, government and media interest. The Parliament should explore the causes of this decline, action being taken to reverse it, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and what the future might hold for town centres. Read more: https://digitalpublications.parliament.scot/ResearchBriefings/Report/2021/5/12/df69604c-1a2f-4a50-94fe-26c48f8623e7#36e59cfb-04f8-427d-a2f4-9a882c06015f.dita


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